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Welcome to our International Patients Cell !

The Queen Fabiola Children’s Hospital’s staff work hard to make your visit and your child’s stay at our hospital the most pleasant as possible, regardless of your home country. Please find, below, the information on the formalities to be carried by international patients with a view to their treatment or hospitalization at the QFCUH.

Care of a child enjoying social security coverage :

You can directly take an appointment with a specialist physician, either by contacting the hospital’s reception or by making an online appointment through our website.

In which case, the child benefits from social security coverage ?

  • The child has a Identification Number for Social Security (INSS), meaning that the child is affiliated to a Belgian health insurance fund.
  • The child has the S2 form, meaning that the child’s healthcare has already been scheduled. Original document only, signed and stamped, stating the coordinates of the beneficiary, the duration of the treatment or hospitalization covered by the social security (assumed date of admission and exit), as well as the name of the Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola.
  • The child has a European card of health insurance, meaning that it is a case of emergency. Indeed, this card is needed for the medical healthcare that is urgently required, yet which has not been scheduled during the child’s temporary stay in Belgium.

If a hospitalization has been planned, the hospital admissions service must be informed thereof no later than two weeks before the date of admission.

Care of a child lacking social security coverage :

Prior to making any appointment – should you not have any of the above documents – you must get in touch with our International Patient Cell.

Failing social security coverage needed for treatment at the QFCUH, it's imperative to perform the following steps and formalities :

I. Provide us with the following documents and information :

  1. A medical report for our International Patient Cell that will hand it over to the head doctor and the specialist physician of the Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola. They will decide on the treatment or the hospitalization as required by your child’s state of health.
  2. Copy of your child’s passport or identity card.
  3. An E-mail address, enabling us to contact you.

II. Cost assessment

On the basis of the above information the International Patients Cell of the QFCUH will assess the cost of the healthcare. You'll be informed of this assessment by mail.

III. Confirmation and payment

After having confirmed the cost assessment to the International Patients Cell, you will proceed to payment.

AttentionIf you benefit from a private insurance or any other financial coverage for the cost of your child’s treatment and/or hospitalization, you shall inform the International Patients Cell thereof. They will examine the validity of the document and will inform you of their decision.

IV. Provide the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital with the following documents :

  • the patient’s coordinates (name, first name, date of birth, address, phone);
  • the coordinates of the Belgian correspondent (name, first name, date of birth, address, phone, fax or E-mail);
  • the parents’ letter mandating the Belgian correspondent;
  • the letter of intent by the parents of the patient sent to the Hospital;
  • a copy of the documents with respect to the repatriation insurance;
  • the address of residence in Belgium while child is being treated a tour hospital;
  • an evidence of payment of a guarantee estimated on the basis of the medical records.

V. Beginning of the treatment / hospitalization

Once payment collected on the account of the QFCUH and once above documents received, the International Patients Cell will get in touch with the secretariat of the specialist physician in order to determine the starting date of your child’s treatment/hospitalization. The International Patients Cell will gladly share this information with you.

After that – and on the day agreed upon – you will present yourself at the hospital’s Admissions Service.

International Patients residing outside the European Union :

If you are residing outside the European Union and should require a visa allowing you to travel to Belgium, the International Patients Cell will inform the embassy of your home country of the date and the due perception of the payment so as to facilitate the obtaining of the visa. However, it is up to you to take the necessary steps to obtain your visa.

InternationalContact us

Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital
Treasury, Patient Finance Department - International Patients Cell
Avenue JJ Crocq 15, B-1020 Brussels , Belgium
E-mail : international@huderf.be

How to reach us ?

Feel free to visit this page with all the information on how to reach us easily by public transport, as well as a map of our hospital's site and its different units.

Housing nearby the hospital

QFCUH has a guest house, i.e. a simple, yet friendly place of accommodation. Only one of the hospitalized child's parents is allowed to stay there.
Tel. 32 (0)2 477.29.25